Nurses need a good quality stethoscope to monitor their patients. It is an essential piece of equipment that is used most of the time to check on diverse types of patients on a daily basis.

There are many different types of stethoscopes available in the market today, at both offline and online stores. The clarity in sound and quality are the two main critical features to look for in a stethoscope. However, comfort and longevity are other two additional features to consider.

Best Stethoscope For Nurses

When we go in detail to find the best stethoscope for nurses, determining the tonal quality and usability of the stethoscope is a must. This is because any nurse will most probably use the stethoscope to hear the heartbeats or lub dub sound. Next, check if the stethoscope of your choice is comfortable. Lightly weighted earpiece and easy to carry stethoscope come handy while regular use. Also, remember to buy a stethoscope with a good quality tube that will last long without cracking.

Many would probably argue about finding the best stethoscope before actually using it. Yes, it is a hard task to judge the quality of the stethoscope beforehand.

However, careful examination of the weight, diaphragm, bell sound and reading through the customer reviews will form as a road map to find the best stethoscope.

The frequency of using a stethoscope by a nurse depends on the assigned position of working or the department. For instance, the nurses in pediatric wards might use the stethoscopes lesser than the nurses assisting the cardiologists.

Needless to say, the quality of the stethoscope depends on the quality of its parts, the Chest piece, Tubing, and Binaural. Every part has its importance and must be precise in its makeup.

The earpieces should be anatomically correct to fit the ears snugly. The tubing must be sufficiently long to comfortably diagnose the patients. The ideal length of tubing to look for is 26 to 28 inches. Lastly, the binaural should be capable to detect all types of low and high-frequency body sounds.

In addition, the tubing should have proper insulation to cut out the extra noise from the surroundings. It should transmit the organic sounds in an effective and amplified way. Overall, a stethoscope is quintessential equipment to a nurse and it should be of high quality.

By now, you’d have realized the importance of a good quality stethoscope. So in any case whatsoever, it is not advised to buy a cheap stethoscope as like buying any household item. Any medical equipment is inherently costly. This doesn’t have to tip you off. They once purchased, last for many years. Even there are companies which provide warranty up to 7 years. For instance, Littmann.

The stethoscopes above are used by millions of nurses for their medical practice all over the world. The quality of these stethoscopes is exceptional. They are durable, comfortable and most importantly pure in their functions.