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Herbal Ingredients of Man Boob Reduction Supplements

Gynecomastia is a condition that can be found in boys or men in which their breast tissue swells. This is generally due to an imbalance of both the hormones known as estrogen and testosterone and can affect either one or both breast sometimes in an uneven way. Although this is not usually a serious condition it can cause a bit of pain and discomfort as well as be a source of embarrassment to the person in question.

Although at times gynecomastia may disappear on its own the condition usually does require some form of treatment through medication or even surgery. One of the most popular treatment options for those suffering from gynecomastia and want to avoid the complications of a reduction surgery is the product Gynexin which is easy to take and whose results are obvious.

causes-of-gyno[1]The herbal based supplement of Gynexin is a well known name brand option. Following is a list of ingredients found in this supplement and a brief explanation of their purpose:

  • Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is a supplement found in Gynexin that helps to make up for a lack of chromium in the body which is necessary to enhance insulin function and helps influence the protein and fat as well as carbohydrate metabolism. Chromium is all around us in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and the soil we plant in. Chromium can be found in meat, eggs, shellfish,nuts, wholegrain cereals and various fruits, vegetables etc. but if the body does not absorb enough chromium from food then a supplement is needed.

  • Gullesterones

Gullesterones are another ingredient found in this supplement. Gullesterones are an extract that comes from the sap of the guggul tree and work as an essential antioxidant.

  • Theobromine Cacao

The third ingredient found in Gynexin is theobromine cacao which is an alkaloid substance similar to caffeine. The difference between theobromine cacao and caffeine is that caffeine affects the central nervous system and theobromine cacao does not it does however stimulate the heart much more than caffeine does and is very beneficial to your health.

  • gynexin ingredientsGreen Tea Extract

Another one of the alpha formula ingredients is green tea that is not only a very strong and powerful fat burner but also full of highly beneficial antioxidants.

  • Sclareoldes

The last of the Gynexin ingredients is sclareoldes which is extracted from clary sage is a Salvia sclarea herb that blooms twice a year. You can find this ingredient in a lot of skin firming products and slimming formulas. This ingredient is essential to Gynexin being as it increases the testosterone levels while at the same time lowering the estrogen levels in the body. Check detailed gynexin reviews here:

Although this product is highly effective and used by many who are suffering from gynecomastia it is important and highly recommended that you consult your physician before undergoing any form of treatment. Your physician will be able to assess you condition as well as help monitor the use of Gynexin and your progress.

What Is Cutting Stack?


Most body builders cycle through two phases in their program. They go through a building phase when the object is to exercise very intensely and pack on bulk. Then they go through a cutting phase when the point of the regimen is to reduce fat to bring out muscle definition.

What Is Cutting-Stack?

Somehow, many body builders seem to be able to get through the first part of a body building cycle easier than the second part.

To put on muscle, body builders might increase their carbs in order to have plenty of energy for intense workouts.

While this part of the program helps build muscle bulk, the muscles could still be buried under layers of fat. They will never be defined by only building.


The cutting part of the cycle is meant to reduce the fat right under the skin. This way, muscles become more clearly define. In body builder terms, this definition is called “cut.” Hence, the cutting part of the program is intended to preserve muscle and reduce fat.

Typically, a good cutting stack might be reliance on protein powders. These are usually whey powder supplements that are easy for most people to digest and can send protein to muscles quickly. However, this protein does not encourage weight gain, as extra carbs might, so it helps preserve muscles and reduce fat covering them.

During this period, body builders might also consume a lot of vegetables and a moderate amount of healthy fat. However, they usually restrict carbs and stay away from the “bad fats” found in most snack food.

While these athletes might still workout to preserve their muscle while they are consuming their cutting stack, they may not work out with heavy weights or as intensely as they do during the building cycle. Instead, some body builders might even rely more on jogging, swimming, or bike riding to help them burn the calories that they need to burn in order to reduce the amount f fat on their bodies.

Of course, these supplements needs to carefully consume their plenty of protein in order to keep their bodies from trying to burn muscle as well as fat. This is the most difficult part of body building for many, but balancing it correctly really can separate those who just bulk up with muscle from those who can really compete as lean and sharp weight lifters.